What Is E-Liquid?

E-Liquid In Dubai

What is e-liquid

What is e-liquid? 

E-juice, e-liquid, vape juice or juice are all different names for the same thing.  E-liquid is a mixture of ingredients that when warmed to a certain degree, creates vapour that is inhaled to produce a similar feeling to smoking.  There are many makes of e-liquid worldwide.  They usually contain the same combination of four main ingredients.

What are the main components of vape juice?

Vape juice contains nothing but four main parts — each to a different degree of concentration.  Vegetable glycerin is usually the base, propylene glycol, nicotine and colourings are added by the manufacturer to get the required flavour and vapour thickness.
Whats the hype about e-liquid

What makes e-liquid controversial?

All debates against e-liquid are based on no research.  One of the common ones is that Propylene Glycol is found in anti-freeze and that anti-freeze is toxic.  Well, the first question that comes to my mind, is water toxic? Because that is also part of anti-freeze.  Propylene Glycol is safe to consume and is a part of many products that we eat and drink daily, such as drink mixes, dressings, dried soups, and many others.  The toxic part of anti-freeze is Ethylene Glycol, and it’s something different.
An illustration of premium e-liquid

What is different in premium e-liquid?

Each of the four components that are in any e-liquid are graded in terms of quality by the food and drugs administration.  There are different qualities of the parts, and premium e-liquid brands will include the highest available grade.  Doing so can enhance the vaping experience and make it safer.  Premium brands are also more accurate in reporting the concentration of each component on the labels.  That way, you will be sure that you are vaping the same as what mentioned by the e-liquid brand on the vape juice bottle.  Above all, premium vape juice brands allow their e-liquid to be steeped, which is a process that will enable the mixture to mix correctly, making flavours shine, and your vaping experience more enjoyable. 

Nicotine salts vs freebase

Salt-Nicotine Vs Freebased E-Liquid? 

Salt nicotine e-liquid is gaining ground, especially among the smokers in Dubai(UAE).  The reason behind that is the similarity between the nicotine found in tobacco leaves and salt-nicotine, which makes it more effective in curbing any nicotine cravings.  Salt-nicotine vape juice was also developed by vaping companies to suit pod systems, that have restricted air flow and are intended to be used in MTL applications in a way that mimic’s smoking.
Back in the 1960s, tobacco companies were searching for a way to make nicotine more potent.  So they figured out a way which turns the nicotine in the tobacco leaf (in its salt state) to a freebase, which can be absorbed quickly and that by adding ammonia to it.  This is “Freebased e-liquid”, which is found in the vape juices that are intended for sub-ohm vaping.  The only problem with Freebased e-liquid is that the user can’t get a higher nicotine concentration than 12mg as the throat hit becomes too harsh to endure.  Vaping Freebased vape juice in Dubai is particularly preferable by shisha smokers, as freebased vape juice usually produces much larger clouds and is intended to be smoked in a device to lung hit. 
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