What are the latest vape injuries about?

the story

What exactly happened?

It all started in a small area in the US where multiple young people where rushed to the hospital with various symptoms. Shortness of breath, coughing and fatigue were the initial symptoms they complained about. After doing the necessary medical tests, the results pointed out that all of what they have been experiencing was due to lung injuries.

The cases reported are around 400, and are limited to the US. The link between the cases was found to be “vaping”, but that was where the details stopped. The US Health Authority released no official statement about which products exactly where to blame — leaving the public to speculate and come to conclusions based on no evidence.

After a small period, reports were pointing to that the same injuries are a result of a cheap cutting agent called e-acetate. Tests done in New York on samples provided by the injured vapers pointed out this substance. Which shouldn’t be used in vaporizers, and is only used by black market THC cartridge dealers, as a cutting agent. The report also added that none of the regular nicotine e-juice samples they tested contained e-acetate. 

Why only the US?

The reason behind this being only a US problem is because some states legalized THC liquid as part of legalizing Marijuana. However, the problem is with the black market cartridges that are unregulated by the FDA and often included synthetic Marijuana.

Latest findings point fingers at a fake batch of THC cartridges which were produced by inexperienced individuals in an uncontrolled environment. This theory makes sense, knowing that the injuries are all in a small geographical location. 

The conclusion

Knowing all this information, you or anyone around you should not worry about vaping. The health danger lies in counterfeit THC products, and they are not available in the Middle East or elsewhere except the US. Vaping regular nicotine e-liquid is a very different thing and is still deemed by many physicians and health authorities worldwide as a much safer alternative to smoking and an effective smoking cessation tool. 

For more information about nicotine e-juice ingredient, please follow this link

the true reasons behind all the hype

It is a fact that vaping has been fought by big tobacco since it’s infancy. Big tobacco has been and still is willing to fund any study that proves the harms of vaping, but they simply can’t. Most independent health authorities have deemed it as 95% less harmful than smoking, and this is precisely why people are ever more switching. It is not a conspiracy theory but a truth that big tobacco has been lobbying across the globe to stop the march of e-cigarettes. As their profits plummet, they try everything to keep people on tobacco, offering alternative ways to consume it “heating”. We or anyone else cannot deny the fact that their lobbies are some of the most influential and well-funded worldwide. The latest incidents in the US proves this, as authorities there are still not willing to name a single vape product that caused this “epidemic”. They preferred to blame “vaping” to further increase uncertainty and keep people away away from it. Many questions arise from this sudden media craze as it happened weeks after the FDA approved Iqos for sale in the US. For people unaware of the Iqos, it’s the latest product designed and sold by the tobacco giant Phillip Morris International. The Iqos uses tobacco sticks and heats them to a degree just below the burning point.

This is a documentary that we find informative and sheds a light on the tobacco industry and vaping. 

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