Vaping 101

what's the difference betwen salt nicotine and free based juice in Dubai

Salt Nicotine vs Free Based juice

We advise previous cigarettes smokers to use nicotine salt juice paired with any pod system.  This combination will give you a sensation similar to that of smoking, just without the stench and toxic substances.

If you enjoy smoking shisha, then free base juice paired with any starter kit should give you identical if not superior experience to that of smoking shisha.  It is essential never to use nicotine salts with starter kits or free based juice with pod systems, as each liquid is designed for a specific device type.

Difference between pod systems and starter kits

Pods vs Starter Kits

Pod systems are smaller in size and have a refillable cartridge “pod” which houses the coil.  This cartridge is intended to be changed usually after five refills to maintain a crisp flavour.  They are designed only for salt nicotine juice and to be used just like a cigarette with mouth to lung draws.  Pod systems gives a harsher throat hit, smaller clouds and decent flavour.
Starter kits, on the other hand, are bigger to hold the larger battery.  They have a tank which houses the coil, and the later has to be replaced after approx five uses or when deemed necessary.  The tanks are designed for free base nicotine juice only, and to be used just like a shisha with a device to lung draw.  They create larger clouds, a lighter throat hit and better flavour.
The difference between mechanical mods and chip regulated mods

Mechanical vs Chip Regulated

Mechanical mods require coil building know how.  They do not have a chip to regulate the discharge current of the battery, and this can cause malfunctions for the inexperienced builder.  If you ever want to use one, make sure to abide by the Ohm’s law when building your coil.
At iVape we only sell chip regulated mods for your safety, these mods have various safety features such as, short circuit protection, over-temperature protection, battery reverse protection, output over-current protection and over-charge protection just to name a few.  This makes them as safe as any electrical device around you.

iVape battery safety guidelines

18650 Batteries in Dubai

External 18650 Vape Battery Safety

  • It is highly recommended to charge your batteries in a separate charger.  Your vape device may have a USB port for charging, but it is always better to use an external charger as it has added safety features. 
  • Do not overcharge your battery, leaving them overnight may cause damage to there charge holding capacity.
  • If you are using a mechanical mod, you have to abide by Ohm’s law   “I = V/R”.  For example, If your battery is rated at 4.2 volts and has a maximum discharge current of 30 Amperes, then you have to build the resistance of your coil accordingly.  In this case, a minimum resistance of 0.16 Ohm’s is still considered safe.

Please visit this page for a comprehensive guide on how to use Ohm’s law.