Vape Pens in Dubai

What is a vape pen anyway?

If you are unsure what a vape pen is then this article will hopefully answer all your questions.  Vape pens are devices that resemble a pen in shape and size; they can have an atomiser, a pod that contains the e-liquid, or be an AIO device.  They usually vape on one power setting.  However, more recently, many vape manufacturers have been introducing variable vape setting to better suit every vaper preferences, this makes some vape pens support TC mode, Pod mode, or Bypass mode and come equipped with an LCD screen.  This is a step forward to take vape pens to the next level, making them able to vape just like any full-powered mod, yet much smaller in size.

How do I fill a vape pen?

Depending on which vape pen you pick, you either have to unscrew the top part and pour the e-liquid, that’s in case your vape pen is equipped with an atomiser.  On the other hand, If your vape pen is fitted with a pod, then all you have to do is remove the pod from the battery, remove the silicon plug and fill it up with e-liquid.  Remember that when using the vape pen for the first time to wait five minutes after filling it with e-liquid before you start vaping, as the wick has to saturate with e-liquid.  The five minutes rule is, however, not exclusive to vape pens, as all other vape devices require the same waiting time.  Good news is, that you only have to wait on the first time you vape the device.

How to charge a vape pen?

Depending on the vape pen you choose, a vape pen can be charged with a USB cable. This is the most common and has been the industry standard for a while. Having a USB port is by far the most natural way, as almost all other electrical devices are charged with one. Take a short tour around your house or office, and you will figure out that you may even start a USB wholesale business. The second way, a trend that was started by JUUL is having a proprietary docking station with the vape pen. Well, this is unnecessary sophistication. The docking station has to be taken around, it’s small and fits in a pocket, but that makes it easier to lose. Once you do, you can comfortably toss your vape pen away and brew yourself a warm cup of tea, to digest what happened. The latest trend in charging vape pens is the USB Type C, and as with the regular USB, this charging method is the new industry standard, and we can already see a more significant number of all sorts of electronics being charged with a USB Type C.

Who should buy a vape pen?

A vape pen can be suitable for anyone.  People who enjoy a shisha can pick a vape pen with higher watt ratings and pair it with free-base nicotine e-liquid, and that should do the trick, just much better.  This combination will produce fuller clouds, and the flavour choice is unlimited.  On the other hand, smaller vape pens with lower wattage rating usually have restricted airflow to mimic a cigarette draw and are to be used as a mouth to lung vape.  Vape pens come in all shapes and forms, know what you enjoy the most and get the right one for you.  Please get in touch with us, would you have any doubts about which is the right one for you. 

Our Selection of vape pens in dubai

iJoy Katana TC Kit

The iJoy Katana is more a marker than a pen, but it surely packs a punch.  The iJoy Katana vapes up to 81W and have multiple vaping settings and a screen.  The Katana tank holds 5ml of e-liquid and is designed for freebase juice.  For people who love the great flavour and cloud production, this is a perfect companion.  Above all, it has a massive battery with a 3000mAh capacity, which will make your trips to the socket less frequent. 

Vaporesso Cascade One, Cascade One Plus and Cascade One Plus Se

Rated as one of the best vape pens by many, the Vaporesso Cascade series surely delivers.  The differences between the variants are in battery, and tank capacity.  Depending on what you prefer, the Cascade One is for having a smaller sized vape pen, but you will sacrifice some battery and tank capacity for that.  The Cascade One Plus, however, has it all, stylish looks, battery and tank size that are hard to beat. 

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Joyetech eGo AIO 10th Anniversary 

Elegant and sleek, the Ego vape pen kit leaves no unchecked boxes. It functions as both a mouth to lung kit and a device to lung one. The airflow is adjustable, it holds 2ml of juice and the battery capacity is 1500mAh. Not only that, the tank lights up whenever you vape and is child proof.

compact vape pens in dubai

iJoy Pole Pod Pen 

The iJoy Pole is a stunner.  Simple in design and ultra compact this vape pen is highly recommended for cigarettes smokers who are trying to quit.  It features a top refill 1.9ml tank, all in one design, so all you have to do is fill the tank and charge the device. 

Geekvape Flint Vape Pen

Nothing in the market matches the premium feel of the Flint pen styled vape kit.  From the packaging, matte finish, to the brushed stainless steel.  The Flint vape kit by Geekvape is a truly premium device.  But it is not all looks. This pen styled vape kit features fully adjustable airflow, three power modes, and a 2ml tank capacity, which makes the Flint kit by Geekvape a fully adjustable mouth to lung masterpiece.

Aspire PockeX Pocket AIO 

The Aspire PockeX is a solid vape pen, designed for a mouth to lung draw. The Aspire PockeX can be used with both nicotine salts and free-based liquid depending on which coil you use. The kit comes with both a sub-ohm coil and a 1.2-ohm coil for salt-nicotine liquid, which gives the user the ultimate freedom. 

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This list includes some of the best vape pens.  However, you might want to check out our whole selection.

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