Vape Expo In Dubai

vaping in dubai

Vaping in Dubai.

Vaping has been faced with so much scepticism and misconceptions. I still remember hearing one of my friends explain how e-liquid is made of pure chemicals, which is just not correct. I also still remember him saying “I prefer to die of a cigarette in 15 years than to use an untested method”. Although, at that time, e-cigarettes have been in use for over fifteen years with zero reported deaths from them.

With time, people stance towards this “unknown” has seen a dramatic change, as more people where getting information about the substances in e-liquid, better known as juice or vape juice.

In Dubai, and all UAE people started adopting vapes at an unprecedented pace. You might be wondering about the reasons.

If you made the switch from smoking to vaping, then you must have experienced an instant relief. With time and as your lungs start to heal, you will be feeling much better after an exercise or even climbing the stairs.

Vaping in Dubai might also be highly successful due to the variety of refreshing vape juice flavours. I bet that many would prefer to enjoy an iced watermelon or grape flavour than that of cigarettes, especially on a hot Dubai summer day.

Dubai is the first, one more time. 

In the Middle East, there is one Pioneer, and it is Dubai.

Vaping is another domain that Dubai will lead with the first Vape Expo in the Middle East to be hosted in this magical city in 2020. This move come in parallel to a smoke-free vision in the UAE. As for now, just over 50 leading vape hardware and e-liquid manufacturers have registered for attending this Expo, making it one of the largest Vape Expos in the world.

This leading step is also a calculated one. Studies have shown that 68% of current smokers are ready to switch to vaping if given more information about the contents of e-liquid. The study added that almost 50% of previous smokers reported an improvement in social relationships after switching to vaping. Finally, the study also concluded that more than 69% of non-smokers did not like visiting smokers homes because they felt uncomfortable being around smoke.

dubai vape future

What’s the vaping future in Dubai after the recent vaping deaths? 

With the recent deaths making the headlines in the US. People have been questioning the safety of e-cigarettes and e-liquids, yet another time. The news agencies in the US, started reporting deaths from “Vaping”, with the truth being slowly and gradually revealed through investigations done by New York Health Authority. With their final report concluding that the reason behind the injuries was the use of fake THC cartridges.

In the US, some of the states legalized the medical and recreational use of marijuana. This has made THC liquid spread in those states, and in others where they are still illegal. 

The black market for THC cartridges in states that they are still illegal in has seen a boom in unregulated products. This was an invitation to shady and unregulated manufacturers to start manufacturing and use various cutting agents, such as “E-Acetate” to increase their profits by diluting the highly valuable THC liquid. A greed-driven step that caused some people their lives.

In Dubai and The Middle East, THC is a prohibited substance and is not sold. What is instead sold by vape shops is regular nicotine and nicotine-free e-liquid. The differences are enormous between THC oil cartridges and regular vaping juice. Furthermore, the regular vaping liquid is not as valuable as marijuana oil, giving even black-market vendors no financial reason to thin it down or use “cutting agents”.

As a conclusion, if you vape regular e-juice, you are just fine, and many studies found that it is substantially less harmful than smoking. 

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