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Accessories and Attachments

In search of vape accessories and attachments in Dubai? Then, your search ends here with iVAPE; we offer everything that a vaper requires to customize and maintain their vaping kit. Good quality vape accessories are a part of the overall vaping experience. Our collection includes e-cigarette chargers, replacement pods, cotton, and DIY kits. From high-budget to more modest priced products, we have it all. Apart from accessories, we also have attachments such as atomizers and heating sticks on sale at competitive prices. Whether you are new to vaping or someone with experience, our team would love to help you in any way we can. Get in touch with us on +971-50-7870-509 for more information on our products.

Vape Accessories We Offer

Replacement Pods

Replacement pods and cartridges are a necessary piece of accessory for anyone that uses e-cigarette like vapor devices. These are virtually small containers that house e-liquids in both open and closed-type pods. We have some of the best deals around on both pre-filled pods and refillable pods.

Replacement Coils

Also known atomizer coils or atomizer head, this is the part of the e-cigarette that is responsible for heating the e-liquid. It goes without saying, for any vaping device to work correctly, these are to be maintained regularly. Ideally, the coil must be replaced after five tank refills to ensure that the flavor remains the same.

DIY Kits

As the name suggests, these are Do-It-Yourself tool kits that give you the freedom to build your own coils and use them with your favorite atomizer. Our inventory includes both mini kits as well as fully-equipped kits, each of which available for the best market prices. These also come with a wire and cotton.

Battery and Power Banks

These are a necessity for those kits that come without a pre-installed battery. Power Banks, in particular, can be extremely useful in ensuring that your device works anytime and anywhere. We only offer batteries and power banks from trusted and known brands.