Pod Systems

What is a Pod System?

Vaping is relevantly new, and fresh inventions keep on getting introduced. Pod Systems  are one of them. As the name suggests, Pod Systems  have a pod or a cartridge that houses the coil and the e-liquid. Some Pod System  comes with interchangeable coils while in others the whole pod is replaced once the coil is burnt. Many argue that a Pod system is optimised for mouth to lung hits, supposed to be used as a cigarette and not like a shisha. However, the ones with interchangeable coils usually allow the user to use the Pod System as a Shisha or as a Cigarette, depending on preference. 

Pod Systems  are also much smaller in size when compared to larger full-powered mods, and this is due to the smaller batteries in pod systems. This fact makes Pod Systems more suitable for mouth to lungs hits or light device to lung usage. 

One more distinctive feature about Pod System  is the fact that you can use SaltNic juice in them. Installing a coil that has a resistance of 1ohm or higher is safe to be used with SaltNic juice. This combination provides a satisfying experience that can make even the hardest smokers quit, often overnight. 

Who should buy a Pod System?

We will keep this answer simple. If you enjoy smoking cigarettes, then a Pod System  is the way to go. Pod Systems  provide a very similar experience without all the carcinogens in cigarettes. They have restricted airflow, little clouds and an instant nicotine rush that will get you of cigarettes almost instantly. If you are a light shisha smoker that enjoys light use, then pod systems are also an excellent choice for you.


  • Smaller size

  • Ease of use

  • Stylish designs

  • Faster charge



  • Smaller battery 

  • Less e-liquid capacity

  • Not optimised for heavy shisha users

  • Produces less flavour and clouds

Some of the best aio pod systems

some of the best MTL pod systems

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