Looking for a JUUL alternative?

You are not alone

This is the product that created all the hype.  News agencies and social media platforms have never seen such a heavily publicized vape product.
If you happened to try it, you might have noticed that it is a great little package, but what if you can get something even better for much less?
That may sound too good to be true, but it sure isn’t.  Anyone who tried the JUUL may have noticed some drawbacks, the battery life is not that great, the non-refillable pods offer little freedom when it comes to choosing your preferred flavour, and they are quite expensive too.

Mouu Cliq

A pod system on another level. The Mouu Cliq features a full 6000 aluminium body, dust and leak-proof mouthpiece design, a cartridge with a 1.4ohm ceramic coil for more extended longevity and battery life for two days. The craftsmanship and finish are premium and only understandable when you hold one with your hands. Mouu is a new name in the vaping industry, but with the Cliq, they managed to set themselves apart, and it is apparent that they are here to stay. 

Vaporesso Orca Solo 

Yes, it’s a little bit larger, but it fits comfortably in the smallest pocket. Full stainless steel body a powerfull battery and ceramic coils make it tick all the right boxes. Optimised for SaltNic, this device is an excellent choice for people wanting to quit. Using it for mouth to lung draws is what it’s designed for, and it shines. Vaporesso is known in the vape industry to produce high-quality hardware, and this is no different. 


Lean and slim, but it is more powerful than it looks.  The Infinix looks and feels just like a JUUL, but again, it has a bigger battery and larger pods.  The draw is tight and similar to that of a tobacco cigarette, making this a great choice for anyone that’s just thinking about ditching tobacco.  But the best thing about the Infinix is how cost-effective it is.  The starter kit, which includes two refillable pods, is significantly cheaper than a JUUL !


From the maker’s of the world’s best disposable pods “MOJO” comes the Moti. It features 1.8ml refillable pods, so you can have the total freedom in using it with any Saltnic Juice of your choice. The battery is internal 500mAh which is massive for a vape pen this size, making it useful for about 600 puffs until you need to recharge it. Flavour production is excellent, and the draw is restricted to mimic a cigarette draw.


This is definitely a pod system that looks stunning.  The Lambo pod fits perfectly in the pocket and has refillable pods, which you can pair with any salt-nicotine of your preference.  Add to that a battery that easily lasts a full day and the JUUL has some serious competition to watch out for. 


The Uboat Pod System has a premium build quality, refillable pods, and a powerful battery.  It is reasonably priced, and if you found the JUUL throat hit to be somehow harsh, then this is the perfect pod system for you, as its throat hit is on the milder side.  Kangertech is renown to be one of the best vape manufacturers, and it further solidifies this notion through this pod system.


SMOK stepped up the vape game significantly with this pod system.  The SMOK NORD has many features, which makes it a great device.  It features a refillable pod with a 3ml volume, high capacity battery, two coils options and is button activated.  The refillable pods give you all the freedom you need when it comes to choosing your favourite e-liquid, while the two coils options give you the freedom of using this device just like a cigarette, or like a shisha depending on which one you choose.  We also have to consider the premium solid build and the tiny size of this device, which makes it an overall winner.

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