Our Commitment

What We Believe

Every step counts.  That is what we firmly believe in.  iVape is committed to doing all that’s at our disposal to contribute for a greener future. 

Our Programme

It is quite simple.  Keep all the old batteries, pods, and disposable pods in the same bag you receive the delivery in.  Once you reorder, our driver’s will be glad to collect it, from there it is all our job.
We partner with top recycling firms in the UAE, which implement a recycling procedure of the highest standards.  This ensures that all your efforts are not in vain. 

What You Get

The most important part, you get to contribute in creating a greener future.  Which is more critical than ever before. As a thank you from iVape, we will be committed to offering you a promotion code, that you can redeem when placing your next order. 

Recycle vape in Dubai