Is My Vape Device Genuine?

Original Vape

Original vs fake?

There is no doubt that fake items are all over the market, and they can be found in any industry, from the smallest items to large products such as cars.

Copies themselves differ in quality, and you can find fakes that are easily identifiable as one, and clones that need a closer look from you to be able to tell. 

The vape industry is no different than any other, fakes are all over the place, but you can rest assured not to find them on or

Why is it essential to buy the original brand?

Original vape products are often more expensive than the clones, the difference is sometimes very minimal from the outside, but the difference in the quality of the device internals is huge.

Cloning is done to make the most considerable amount of profits, regardless of customer safety, so all they care about is to make the product look as close to the original as possible, regardless of safety features on the inside.

Most original manufacturers implement strict quality control, which only high tech machinery can produce, that to ensures the safety and satisfaction of the user, and this is precisely why you should buy original vape products only.

How to tell if the vape item is fake?

You have to purchase from a reputable vendor, one that guarantees the originality of the products. 

You have to look for the price difference, and if the difference is enormous, then you should steer away from that deal as it is probably a fake. 

Check if the product packaging has all the markings on it. Especially the scratch sticker. 

Verify the code from the scratch sticker on the manufacturer website. This is the only way you will be sure that the product you just purchased is 100% original.

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